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A Clean Environment Leads to a Happy Life

Reliable and Honest Cleaners at Your Service

Having your own house or business establishment is surely a great investment. But sometimes, it causes a headache when your property is not properly maintained. Make sure that your property is always pristine and presentable with help from Q & A Cleaning Services in Austin, Texas. If you don’t have extra time to do the cleaning because of your busy schedule, just leave the work to us.

We offer residential and corporate cleaning services to address all your needs. We also offer an fogging service to remove all floating and setting germs that are hazards, whether you want to make your house feel homey or keep your office a conducive place for work, we have you covered. Book an appointment with us today. We are more than happy to serve you! 


Our Ultimate Aspiration

Q & A Cleaning Service is a small family-owned and -operated business that provides each client with the quality and affordable experience. We take pride in meeting our clients’ expectations. That is why our mission is to provide reliable, honest, and affordable services.

We started our company in 2011. Our founder, Laquinta, picked up her trade skills from her talented aunt who was very detail-oriented with the characteristics of each object to ensure a quality clean. Currently, Laquinta offers outstanding cleaning services at affordable rates. She has a trustworthy, dedicated, and reliable team to get the job done properly for her clients.

Our team specializes in providing fast and efficient same-day cleaning services. We take pride in being able to take on challenges and meet deadlines in a

timely manner.

Coronavirus 2019

Quality & Affordable Cleaning Services is one of the small businesses that are here to help with the health and warfare to all. We place notion on the CDC guidelines to promote and prepare for the most effective way to tackle the Coronavirus.

We analyze equipment and products to battle this virus.

 It is very important to keep your home or work area safe and clean. To help with this we are now offering our Disinfection Services. 

  • First we will chose a hospital grade disinfectant
  • Second we spray down all hot spots with our spray bottles and allow kill time
  • Next we wipe down hot spots with our microfiber towels
  • Last we use our ULV foggers and spray the same areas and allow dwell time
We have a "NO CONTACT " policy in place for the safety of our clients. CDC recommended protective gear for the safety of our employees along with our equipment. We would like to offer our fogging services to all communities or workplaces.  Give yourself a break from these every minute cleaning task and give us a call.

Q & A Cleaning Services would like our clients to know that we are taking precaution of all of the action of the pandemic of this world wide spread of the coronavirusus-19. We also would like to inform our clients that disinfecting all common area in their home and making sure their hands are clean could improve the health and welfare to our environment. The link we are providing will give all guideline on keeping your common areas clean. We advise all to check daily on updates on how to help improve the safety and health to all.

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